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TeleKast is open source software that acts like a teleprompter
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This small yet versatile application can accomplish numerous tasks easily, depending on your needs. It can be used as a teleprompter in television studios, shows, broadcast journalism, even for a karaoke party. TeleKast allows you to generate certain scripts with the "Script Editor" feature, where you can insert the desired text, then roll it with the "Show Teleprompter" option. The script editor enables you to write down your text on the sheet, as well as import it.

You can set pretty much everything regarding the looks of your teleprompter. From the background color to font size, font color, you can even highlight certain portions of the text with different colors or font sizes. The programs allows you to set the speed with which the text rolls on your screen. When a script is ready to be rolled, you just need to use the "Show Teleprompter" function or press F5. If a space bar is pressed, your text will begin rolling.

TeleKast is an open source piece of software that can act as a teleprompter and can be used with ease for a variety of purposes.

Dennis Niels
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  • Easy to use
  • Simple users interface
  • Customizable texts


  • Doesn't support different text fonts
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